Texas Homeowners - Get Solar Panels Battery For No Cost

Texas Homeowners

Get Solar Panels and LG Backup Battery For No Cost 

See if your address qualifies in seconds. Save over $8,000 on a home solar system when qualifying for the program.

Qualify for the program and receive  
Take advantage of all three and save thousands.

Solar for $0


Pay nothing to get solar on your roof

Solar panels

for no cost

Over 95% of homeowners are able to qualify.

A backup battery that stores energy

Get an LG battery for no cost

A backup battery that stores energy and protects your home from blackouts

Lower you electricity bill to as low as $30/month

Save $70,000+ during the lifetime of your panels. 

Pay nothing for solar, and reduce your bill over 50% every month.

There has never been a better way to go solar
  • The program saves homeowners an average of $6,500 the first year
  • You will also receive a 26% Federal tax credit saving you an additional $4,500
  • Energy rates are expected to increase 20% over the next 3 years (average nation-wide)
  • Get a backup battery that stores the energy produced by your panels for $0 down
92% of homeowners have qualified for the program
Homes qualified
Average savings in first year 
Reduction in energy bill
The #1 Solar Program In America
With the help of government and utility incentives, the program enables homeowners to go solar for no cost. See if your address qualifies in seconds.

Free to qualify, no obligations.

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